How Every Warehouse Can Benefit from Pallet Turners or Inverters

A pallet turner is a wonderful device that can swiftly replace damaged and improperly placed pallets without the need for restacking the load on another pallet. For smaller units, it might be possible to do this manually, however, for larger businesses rotating pallets manually can be more time-consuming and costly.

Pallet inverters might seem expensive, but they are surely worth it. Besides, these machines are designed in a way that very little manpower is needed to operate them. Furthermore, if you have handled work injuries, you will be happy to know that pallet turners decrease the possibility of injuries too.

Purpose of Pallet Inverters

  • With pallet inverters, reaching and removing broken items or damaged boxes placed at the bottom of the load becomes easier. They eliminate the need of rearranging the entire load physically.
  • With the help of pallet inverters moving product boxes from high-quality and expensive pallets to disposable shipping, pallets become very easy.
  • Certain objects in warehouses are very heavy and it becomes almost impossible to rotate them manually. With pallet turners, this can be done effortlessly.
  • Pallet inverters can rotate any items including boxes made from metal sheets, paper boards, and even laminated goods.

Benefits of buying pallet inverters

If you are considering buying a pallet inverter, you will be happy to know that it is possible to customize them. Companies like TopIndustries which have been around for decades can help figure out the most perfect pallet transfer system for you. Also, their after-sales services and support are top-notch and this means the productivity of your business will never be affected.

Some of the benefits you can expect after buying pallet turners are:

Less product damage

When loading and unloading of products are carried out manually, especially just to change pallets, there are good chances there will be damages. However, when you do the same using pallet turners, products don’t suffer from unnecessary shocks and jolts.

Better work efficiency

Pallet turners are extremely functional and efficient. With proper pallet transfer systems, you can do laborious tasks like lifting and hauling within minutes. As a result, you can put your manpower to better use, and leave tiring hard work to the pallet turning machines.

Reduced Labor Cost

Several of your warehouse operations will become easier when you use pallet transferring systems, and this means no need to pay laborers for it. One machine can do the work of multiple laborers.

Types of Pallet Inverters in the market

  • Manual: These are ideal for small businesses and need to be operated manually.
  • Electric: These pallet inverters are operated with the help of electricity, and are thus better for large warehouses where extremely heavy loads need to be shifted.
  • Pneumatic: These machines work using air pressure, and are owned by big business groups for their huge warehouses.

To conclude, it can be said that for businesses that need to frequently rotate big loads for changing pallets, pallet inverters will save time and money. So, here is Linkedin profile of TopIndustries. Get in touch with them today to get your hands on the most functional and durable pallet turners.

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